Monday, January 23, 2012

The Basic Idea

The basic idea here is to explore those realms of “devoteeism” which I feel are all too often ignored. Primarily, I am concerned with the ethical concerns of devoteeism which, if they are considered at all, are often left for last (at least in our conversations). I tossed the idea of this blog around for a long time, but have continually put it off. I have no idea how frequently I'll be posting, or how long each entry will be, so I do apologize for that unpredictable nature.

I hope to begin a dialogue about how we, as devotees, act, and what the effects of those actions are on others. I have no qualms though about deleting comments from people who are being disruptive in any manner. I do happily invite dissenting opinions and other perspectives, so long as you conduct yourself calmly and maintain a respectful atmosphere toward all.

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